The Game Of Thrones Season 5 Trailer Is Here And OMG—Update! NOW IN HD

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Updated: Here's the official trailer! And here it is on the show's Facebook page, too, for those who can see it.


Included with the recent Game of Thrones IMAX screening, this new trailer for the show's upcoming fifth season is, in a word, YOWZA. We've got the first look at Dorne, the other Martells, the long-awaited Tyrion and Varys on-the-road adventure, and so much more! Come help us break it down!

I'm loving seeing Littlefinger give a vengeance pep-talk to Sansa and Arya picking up that sword, but honestly, I think my favorite part of this trailer is the fact that HBO's using a slowed-down cover of David Bowie's "Heroes" as the soundtrack. As I said earlier, if I couldn't love the trailer any more if it was somehow paying my student loans.


All right, eagle-eyed viewers — what else do you see in there?

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***A Dance With Dragons vague book spoilers within***

Varys: "Who said anything about him?"

This is an obvious reference to Dany, but it further suggests to me that they're going to omit Aegon* entirely, which could firmly make him a red herring in the books.

* A character of so little consequence that I totally had to look up his name just now.