Perhaps when Game of Thrones is remade as a corporate boardroom drama of mergers and acquisitions (instead of, as Patrick Bateman called it, "murders and executions"), the noble houses of Westeros will be represented by these clean, modern logos dreamed up by Nike visual designer Darrin Crescenzi.


Crescenzi currently works in Nike Global Brand Design, and has worked on projects for (Project)RED, Livestrong, the Beijing Olympics, and Oregon State University, among others. As he read the A Song of Ice and Fire books, he became engrossed in the ideas of the Westeros houses and house sigils as familial "brands." To expand on that idea, he decided to attempt a modern design take on the house sigils, making even a Bolton flayed man you could imagine displayed at a stock exchange.

Crescenzi has a poster featuring all his redesigned sigils available for $35 at his store, and you can see close-up views of the sigils at his website.

The Houses of Westeros poster [Darrin Crescenzi via Obey Magazine via Design You Trust]

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