The Game of Thrones Comic-Con Panel Offered Laughs, But Not Much Else

Game of Thrones panels at Comic-Con are a mixed bag; the next season hasn’t started filming so no one can really say anything. Even so, moderator Seth Myers did his best on Friday in Hall H to give fans a solid dose of info and fun— including this supercut of Game of Thrones references in other TV series.


Still, spoiler warning, just in case!

The cast joked that they love Comic-Con because they see each other more in San Diego than they do Westeros. Myers then jumped in by asking the attending cast members, as well as producer Carolyn Strauss and director David Nutter, specific questions about the end of the latest season.

The producers acknowledged that the show had finally reached “the book point” but only Gwendoline Christie (of the actors who were on the panel) had actually read the books. The big question, about Jon Snow, came from an audience member and everyone on the panel jokingly blew it off. “Kit who?” “We couldn’t wait for him to be gone to be honest.”

Alfie Allen, who plays Theon, said it was nice to “see some light at the end of the tunnel for the character” considering how he finally ended the season, leaving Winterfell with Sansa. Turner said her character “likes [Theon] but she hates him” when asked about their complicated relationship.

Myers joked to Christie “You had one job!” talking about watching for Sansa’s candle. “What can I say?” Christie said. “I had to stand for three months watching a window to wait for a candle, give me a break!” Later, when asked if they could change anything about the season, Christie said she’d wait for the candle.

An audience member asked Sophie Turner about the controversial rape scene with Ramsey Bolton from the end of the season and she replied unequivocably that “Sansa is still strong.” As for why the scene chose to focus on Theon, “I don’t know why [the directors] focused on Theon,” Turner said. “I was giving a great performance.”


John Bradley, who plays Sam, talked about his sex scene with Gilly (Hannah Murray). “Until Gilly, Sam used to think about sex like most people think about space,” Bradley said. “He knows it goes on but he has nothing to do with it.”

Maisie Williams talked about going into next season and how Arya Stark being blind is going to be an issue. “I don’t know how Aria is gonna do without her eyes in the next season, but I’ll try,” she said. In the finale, she only wore the contacts for one shot and they were very uncomfortable. She assumes it’s going to be much worse the next season if she has to do scenes and maybe even fight with them.


Turner revealed that the Boltons made Sansa wear pieces of Robb Stark’s wedding outfit at her wedding this season, which seemed very evil and in line with the Bolton’s, but most people didn’t know.

When asked about their favorite moments with a fan, David Nutter, who directed the finale, mentioned recently he met President Obama. Apparently Obama shook his hand and asked “You didn’t kill Jon Snow, did you?” His response: “Mr. President, Jon Snow is deader than dead.”



Does anyone seriously believe Jon Snow and/or Stannis the Mannis is dead?