What kind of work awaits us in the future? A new British Government study has enlisted futurists and other forward-thinkers to answer that very question, and somehow, they still came up with a list that included "space pilot." Really?

The UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills asked research company Fast Future to consider what jobs would be most needed in the year 2030, and their response seems as rooted in science fiction as science probability, if chief executive Rohit Talwar is anything to go by:

If you're spending £80m on a footballer and for £2m you can have a couple of spare legs, then you're going to do it.


We're not sure what seems more outrageous: Working "spare legs" within 20 years, or that they'd only cost two million pounds. The complete list of top jobs can be found here, but here's the top 10 just to help you plan ahead:

1. Body part maker
2. Nano-medic
3. Pharmer of genetically engineered crops and livestock
4. Old age wellness manager/consultant
5. Memory augmentation surgeon
6. ‘New science' ethicist
7. Space pilots, tour guides and architects
8. Vertical farmers
9. Climate change reversal specialist
10. Quarantine enforcer

Futurists predict fewer butchers, more space pilots – and spare legs for top football stars [Guardian.co.uk]

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