In the misty distance is the gleaming sphere of Science World, and in the foreground is Vancouver's ultra-green Olympic Village, which planners say will hold 16,000 people by 2020. They'll eat food grown on roofs and drink reclaimed rainwater.

The village is located in the heart of Vancouver.


Here are some of the green features built into the Village, which will hold Olympic competitors and visitors during the 2010 Olympics, but then be converted into a sustainable community afterwards:

* Neighbourhood energy system an environmentally-friendly community energy system that will provide space heating and domestic hot water to all buildings in the Southeast False Creek re-development area.
* Urban agriculture
* Rainwater management systems with 50% reduction in water consumption through harvesting and re-use of rainwater
* Green roofs
* Island and inter-tidal fish habitat
* Seaside greenway and bikeway

Planners say that the area, called Southeast False Creek, will be home to 12,000 to 16,000 people by 2020. They will live in 5,000 high-density, high-efficiency homes.

via Olympic Village Site

Photo by Stephanie Lamy/AFP/Getty Images


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