Nobody thinks about future methods of transportation or commuting and thinks "Wow, that's going to be incredible" any more. But for 100 years, from the Radium Age to the Space Age, people's imaginations were on fire. Commuter rockets! Super-fast trains! UFO buses. Check out the most beguiling illustrations below.

A futuristic view of air travel over Paris as people leave the Opera in the Year 2000, an illustration by Albert Robida, 1882.

Police patrol the skies and women are seen driving their own aircraft between some buses and limousines.

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Personal flying machines, airships and amphibious locomotives (or wheeled ships?) on century-old postcards tried to depict what life would be like in the year 2000. These cards were produced by the German Hildebrands chocolate company around 1900.

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Moscow in 2259, illustrations from 1914

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The combination of an airplane and a monorail system, designed by Francis Laur, 1919

(via Popular Mechanics, December 1919)

A Unique Concept Bus of Future to Duplicate Speed of Railroads, from Modern Mechanics, June 1930

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Illustrations from Aus dem schönen Echte Wagner Album Nr. 3, c. 1930

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190 Miles an Hour with Ball-Wheel Train, from the cover of Everyday Science and Mechanics, December 1933

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A two-wheeled mountain monorail system, on the illustration of Kikuzō Itō, 1936

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A rolling Japanese car, 1936

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Illustrations of Hans und Botho von Römer, from Was wird uns die Technik der Zukunft bringen?, 1941

Gas or steam-powered cars:

The City of the Future, with flying cars:

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Dinosaur Truck, from the cover of a Japanese magazine named The Practical Science for Boys and Girls, November 1949

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A Flying Saucer bus, from the magazine cover of Science and Mechanics, December 1950

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Das Neue Universum, by Klaus Bürgle, 1955

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Atomic Planes Are Closer Than You Think, with the illustrations of Frank Tinsley, from Mechanix Illustrated, August 1955

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Exploring the Arctic… with flying saucers, 1957

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Das Neue Universum, by Klaus Bürgle, 1959

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A rocket-powered car with weapons on a superhighway, a Japanese illustration from the 1960s

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Highway for hovercars, by Shigeru Komatsuzaki, 1960s

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Hovering Red, by Syd Mead

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Self-driving cars on a superhighway, by Günter Radtke, 1974

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A beehive-like parking lot in Moscow, 1975

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