Sure, the Superman of 2015 might be having his own problems, but in the far flung future of Justice League 3001, Superman’s only real problem is that he’s kind of a massive asshole. This week’s Justice League 3001 #6 helped resolve that problem, by bringing on a much more rounded Super-Family member to sort it out.

Spoilers ahead for Justice League 3001 #6, by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, Colleen Doran, and Hi-Fi.

For those unfamiliar with Justice League 3001, these members of Worlds Finest are not quite exactly the heroes you’re more familiar with. In the 31st century, the Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman of we know have long gone: but their DNA is still floating around—embedded into test subjects who are then transformed into new versions of these iconic superheroes... with some differences.

The Flash, for example, is now female, as is Guy Gardner’s incarnation of the Green Lantern. Superman is still a “Clark Kent,” but his major twist is that he’s arrogant, selfish, sexist, and overall, kind of a huge asshole to everyone around him.


But that’s about to change: Supergirl is joining the team. The actual Supergirl we know and love, not a future incarnation. Kara’s been transported to the fourth millennium, and she hooks up with Batman as he investigates a prison world that houses a mysterious young woman looking to turn herself into a future Batman. Seeing a kindred spirit in her (as well as the revelation that she’s a direct descendant of Bruce Wayne), Batman decides to take the girl with them, much to Kara’s chagrin.


Unfortunately, the family reunion is short-lived. Kara and Batman come under attack from a force of nearly indestructible androids called the Scullions, who are intent on murdering every single last member of the league. Batman calls in help, and The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Superman oblige. Naturally, being the asshole he is, Superman starts gloating at the androids about his legacy as the world’s greatest hero... and then this happens:


Yup. Justice League 3001 has an attitude quite unlike any other Justice League comic, but even then, watching Superman literally get his head blown off by the bad guys is still super extreme.

It was probably for the best though. Supergirl did need a empty slot to join the team. I doubt she was thinking it’d go like this though.