Here's the progression of each mind through the various bodies in "The Prisoner of Benda":

The Professor β€”> Amy β€”> Bender β€”> Bubblegum Tate β€”> The Professor
Amy β€”> The Professor β€”> Leela β€”> Hermes β€”> Sweet Clyde β€”> Amy
Bender β€”> Amy β€”> Wash Bucket β€”> The Emperor β€”> Bubblegum Tate β€”> Bender
Leela β€”> The Professor β€”> Sweet Clyde β€”> Leela
Fry β€”> Dr. Zoidberg β€”> Bubblegum Tate β€”> Fry
Dr. Zoidberg β€”> Fry β€”> Sweet Clyde β€”> Dr. Zoidberg
The Emperor β€”> Wash Bucket β€”> Bubblegum Tate β€”> The Emperor
Wash Bucket β€”> Amy β€”> Sweet Clyde β€”> Wash Bucket
Hermes β€”> Leela β€”> Sweet Clyde β€”> Hermes
Sweet Clyde β€”> Fry β€”> Bubblegum Tate β€”> Wash Bucket β€”> Sweet Clyde
Bubblegum Tate β€”> Dr. Zoidberg β€”> Sweet Clyde β€”> The Professor β€”> Bubblegum Tate