The funniest, creepiest, and most original io9 videos of the year

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Did you miss io9's 1980s-style Firefly intro, (now with more awesome), or Simon Tam's new TV-doctor drama? Don't worry — we've got the best of 2010's original video content, tributes, and the most deranged collection of Found Footage right here.

io9 Originals from Garrison Dean:

Here are the best of the best of Garrison Dean's trailer collection including the rebooted Firefly intro (now with a bit more bite) and an intro for the Simon Tam doctor drama.


Firefly Intro: The Awesome Addition

Simon Tam M.D.

The Expendables: A Call To Arms Trailer

Faster: The Rampage

io9 Video Tributes:

How to Talk a Computer into Self-Destructing: A Step-By-Step Tutorial with Captain Kirk

"Party Down" is the greatest nerd TV series you never saw:

Our "in memorium" look at the greatest nerd of 2010 Roman DeBeers, played by Martin Starr. All taken from the cruelly canceled series Party Down.

A video tribute to the greatest drunks in science fiction

Perfect for New Years Eve:

Funniest Moments From Supernatural Season 5: A Video Tribute

Saying goodbye to the 5th season of Supernatural by laughing through tears. Which also raises the question, which Supernatural series of 2010 has had the most laughs, 6 or 5?

The Best Werewolf Transformations: A Demented Video Tribute

Best Found Footage

Being Cuckolded By Klingons Is Hypnotic



YOU! LOOK AT ME! from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.

Gerard Butler's Dracula 2000 audition tape

Watch Gerard go full-vampire insane in his audition tapes for Dracula 2000.

[More audition tapes here]


The Worst Superhero Film Of All Time (Yes, Worse Than Batman And Robin Or Supergirl!)

Witness the worst superheroes ever created,Superbabies!

[More horrible Superbabies here]


Did you know Michael Mann made a Nazis vs. demon bomb that never came out on DVD?

In 1983, Michael Mann directed The Keep, a WWII horror movie about Nazis battling a ancient Romanian wizard. Despite Sir Ian McKellen, Gabriel Byrne, and a score by Tangerine Dream. We've dug up the trailer:

[Many more The Keep videos here]


NSFW found footage videos:

And finally, a few NSFW videos from our "found footage" feature. Seriously, don't watch these at work!


Worst (and best) Indiana Jones porno spoof ever made

Honestly The Worst Scary Monster Sex Scene Of All Time (Maybe NSFW)

Whenever you see a Slutty Girl and a Redneck having sex in the woods where a Scary Monster is lurking, you know something bad is about to happen. Add a Naughty Santa's Helper outfit, and you've got Maximum Wrongness. NSFW?


What if a sasquatch became a voyeur? [NSFW]

The film Sasquatch Assault claims that Big Foot was a bit of a perv.

Q: What's the worst ninja magic ever? A: "The evil vagina bubble from Hell." (NSFW)

[More vajayjay magic here]


If the Dharma Initiative had been perverts: the most ludicrious naked brainwashing scene [NSFW]

The only (very naked) scene worth watching from the Isla series. Very NSFW! From the original post:

The Ilsa series, which begins with Ilsa, She Wolf Of The S.S., is a good argument that yes, exploitation movies really can go too far. It's also proof that our culture has not gone downhill, at least not in the past 35 years. I've never actually been able to sit through more than about five minutes of an Ilsa film - and I can sit through almost anything. Violent, offensive and utterly ludicrous, these movies redefine the concept of "trash cinema" - by dragging it down into a sewer.


Thanks to Garrison Dean, Cyriaque Lamar, Marc Bernardin, Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz.

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Thanks for throwing me up top! *blushes

Happy New Year everyone, I have some really cool stuff planned for this year that I hope I can get to and share with you.

Oh and... The Keep is on Netflix Instant for any curious. I haven't watched it yet so I cant say if the transfer is any good, but hell it's probably better than a UHF Saturday matinée.

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