The funeral scene you didn't get to see in Venture Bros. season 5

We've got an exclusive deleted scene, straight from the funeral of an original Team Venture member. Watch everything you didn't see from the 5th season burial of Dr. Entmann.


This bonus scene comes from the special features on the new 5th Season DVD release. And it not only reveals Otto Aquarius' real age, but also includes an additional joke from Brainulo, about how he found out whom Team Venture had a crush on. Poor Humongeloid.

The DVD cover art is also gorgeous:

Illustration for article titled The funeral scene you didnt get to see in emVenture Bros./em season 5

The Venture Bros. Season Five is available today on Blu-Ray or DVD.

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Chosen Undead

I friggin love this cover art. So much better than the 4.1 and 4.2 DVDs. They really phoned those in. Still not as nice as the S1-S3 sets overall, but a definite improvement!