The Full Brave New World Trailer Shows a Utopia Poised to Explode

Brave new world or not, we’re not putting that near our eye.
Brave new world or not, we’re not putting that near our eye.
Image: Universal
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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Alden Ehrenreich is highly unlikely to return to the role of Han Solo. In its place, though, we can soon watch the actor as a man from one world destined to turn another world upside down. Hey, that kind of sounds like Han anyway!


Ehrenreich stars in the upcoming Peacock streaming series Brave New World, based on the classic 1932 novel by Aldous Huxley. He plays John, a resident of the “Savage Lands,” which is kind of like a zoo for the residents of New London. New London is a place where life has been “perfected” thanks to drugs and bioengineering. Those residents observe “savageslike John for entertainment because they live as we do now. Normally.

But, things are about to change when the free-thinking John goes to New London. Here’s the full trailer for Brave New World.

Of course, Ehrenreich isn’t alone in this series. That’s Demi Moore as his mom, as well as Jessica Brown Findlay (Castlevania, Downton Abbey), Harry Lloyd (Counterpart), Nina Sosanya (His Dark Materials), and Hannah John-Kamen (Ant-Man and the Wasp) rounding out the cast. It premieres July 15 as one of the first original programs on NBC Universal’s new streaming service, Peacock.

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The fact that this author feels the trailer shows “a utopia poised to explode,” and doesn’t find anything unusual with that description of Brave New World, demonstrates that both the author and probably the people behind this TV adaptation missed the entire point of Brave New World. Spoilers for a book published in 1932 follow.

The society in the book isn’t on the brink of collapse. John’s escapades cause all of two characters to rethink their society, which has the net effect of getting those characters exiled. And even that isn’t a big deal, “exile nonconformists to monitored-but-uncontrolled island societies where they can do whatever they want, as long as they don’t attempt to return to the mainland” is standard operating procedure. None of John’s actions had an impact on society: he was a fleeting entertainment for many, but will soon be forgotten, having influenced nothing.