The "man crashlands on a planet of all women" genre is both miserable and ludicrous, but you know what would spice it up? Make the all-female planet inexplicably Western-themed. That way, you at least get Sheriff Sarah Parker, who carries two six-shooters and dances in fishnets with all the ladyfolk.

Petticoat Planet is directed by "Disco" Dave De Coteau, the director who brought you Frankenstein & The Werewolf Reborn!, The Brotherhood IV: The Complex, Grizzly Rage, The Brotherhood V: Alumni, Witches Of The Caribbean, Retro Puppet Master, Ancient Evil: Scream Of The Mummy and The Brotherhood VI: Initiation. And it's just as great as you'd expect it to be.

The mining town of PuckerBush Gulch (yes, really) sits on an otherwise deserted planet, and there have been no men there since the mine collapsed years ago. Until one day, interstellar garbage-hauler Steve Rogers crashes on the planet. At first, they think he's just another woman, albeit one with five-oclock shadow. But once they realize the truth, mayhem ensues, as the heretofore lesbian townsfolk all try to get with him. Yards and yards of cheap lingerie are unleashed onto the screen. But probably the trashiest scene is the one where the aforementioned Sarah Parker, who puts the "she" in "sheriff," has Steve handcuffed in her cell. I utterly adore this scene, from the part where the Sheriff has never seen a man-part before, to the part where Steve inexplicably gets a pair of sunglasses.

This second clip is arguably NSFW, although no actual naughty bits are seen: