The Friday Gif Party Celebrates the Oscars, Starting With Isaac

Gif: Lucasfilm

The 93rd Academy Awards ceremony will be held this Sunday, April 25. Given the pandemic, they’re going to be weird since so few movies made it to theaters, but they’ll also be bad, since the Academy is demanding nominees come in person to accept their awards. So let’s screw those Oscars, and celebrate the good ones instead.


Feel free to post gifs of the Grouch, De La Hoya, or Wilde (does Oscar Wilde have gifs?), but in my mind this is a party chock full of Oscar Isaacs. Poe Dameron. Duke Leto Atreides. Apocalypse. Llewyn David. The non-fictional Oscar Isaac. Just tons of Oscar Isaacs, floor to ceiling Oscar Isaacs, Oscar Isaacs as far as the eye can see. Let me go ahead and get the obvious/best one out of the way:

Gif: Film4/DNA Films

Oscars bad. Oscar Isaac good. Now let’s party.

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I can’t think of any other Oscars.