Nicole Kidman in The Others, a film that has shares nothing but a genre with Cuddles. Image: Miramax

A twisted tale of two sisters, one of whom is a vampire, is going to be made into a movie thanks to Nicole Kidman. The Oscar-winner has optioned the rights to a play called Cuddles, which sounds downright twisted, through her production company Blossom Films.

Cuddles was written by Joseph Wilde, and played off-Broadway last summer. The New York Times review of it says “This, er, bloodcurdling vampire drama... makes most movies, books or plays about the famously undead, however gory, seem like sweet little bedtime stories.”


Basically, it’s about a (seemingly) young girl named Eve, who is trapped in a small room. Eve’s a vampire and carefully feeds off the blood of her (seemingly) older sister, Tabby. The play explores this relationship and more as Tabby lives her own life outside the room, and Eve increasingly becomes dependent not just on her blood, but her companionship. Basically, it sounds super fucked-up and great.

Wilde will adapt his play for the screen with Kidman producing (no word if she’ll star). Given the reviews that play has received, we expect the film adaptation has the potential to be a small, smart, and scary little genre film.