If you're a fan of 1960s and 70s cult gorefests like Mondo Cane or Faces Of Death, then this trailer for Pleasures Of The Damned (banned for 25 years!) will please you immensely - if you don't barf.

This spot-on satire of old-school exploitation and snuff movies comes from Dire Wit Films, who proclaim:

In 1979, Italian director Antonello Giallo completed work on his first feature film. Upon the film's premiere, it was banned and Giallo was brought up on 17 indecency charges. All copies of the film were presumed destroyed until the recent release of the restored director's cut.

The great thing is you almost believe it, because this trailer manages to capture the way mondo movies vacillate between footage of people laughing wildly and bizarre images of guts - or between 70s biker gangs looking menacing, and hippies freaking out. Dire Wit Films are the same people who brought you satirical trailers for Isle Of The Damned and Mutantis, too. All of their trailers seem, at some point or another, to feature severed penises. Because hey, why not?

Find out more about the masterminds behind Pleasures of the Damned via Undead Backbrain (Thanks, Avery Battles!)