The Force Is Strong With Those For Whom The Force Is Strong. Or Something.

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If you happen to find yourself arrested in the West of Scotland, there's one thing you can take to heart: You're amongst like-minds. The Strathclyde Police Force lists eight Jedi amongst their number.


The discovery of a surprisingly high midichlorian count amongst Strathclyde's rozzers came following a Freedom of Information Act request by independent magazine Jane's Police Review about the demographics of the force revealed that eight officers, and two civilian staff, had listed "Jedi" as their official religion on voluntary diversity forms. A spokesman for Strathclyde Police confirmed the find:

At the time of the request, 10 (eight police officers and two police staff) had recorded their religion as Jedi.


I love the "at the time of the request" at the start of that; does that mean that more officers have converted since then? It'll take some time before the Jedi can stage a coup in the police ranks, however; the 8 officers still have around 8200 others to contend with, and even with the Force and trusty lightsabers, those aren't attractive odds.

Force is strong for Jedi police [BBC News] (Thanks, Dave.)

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I believe that Jedi will become like christianity in the future. I can see it happening. Christianity is based on a loose collection of stories about a bloke who may or may not have lived 2000yrs ago. The stories are quite far fetched and involve a lot of magic and the like andinvolve fantastical things like rising form the dead and the feeding of 5000 people with very little food.

People made that into a religion, the stories of the fantastic jesus and his adventures in the desert land of Isreal against the evil [roman] empire. I can see theologists of the future looking back at the massive body of star wars fiction and now that people are officially stating their religion as jedi on census forms and the like would believe that in the ancient past there was a man named luke skywalker who....yadda yadda yadda.

Of course i'm talking about 2000 yrs into the future here