Apparently, real life Jedis don't really have the staying power of their fictional counterparts. While Obi Wan Kenobi has it in him to fight in the Clone Wars, then battle his apprentice before going into hiding for decades in order to wait for the chosen one to bring balance to the Force, the head of Britain's Jedi Church has just quit because he can't handle the pressure.

You may remember Barney Jones, the 27-year-old Welsh hairdresser who was attacked by a man yelling "Darth Vader" over and over again. Well, now that his attacker has been given a suspended prison term for the assault, the stress of the whole affair has driven him from the religion:

The church has 30 members locally and the "faith" has thousands of supporters worldwide. But Barney's brother Daniel, 21, who helped found the British branch, said he was now "detached" from it. He said : "Barney can't hack it. We are getting mobbed by people in the street but some are poking fun."


On the one hand, it's sad to see someone lose their faith in any circumstances, but on the other, he kind of invented said faith out of misguided devotion to a film he grew up on and probably watched far too many times, so maybe it's a good thing in the long run. Does this mean there's an opening for a leader now? I wonder if he/she will be chosen in the same way that a Pope is, or if it'll be a much more exciting duel-style selection process? Last one with a hand wins.

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