Since he trundled onto screens in the very first Force Awakens teaser, BB-8 has become a Star Wars icon. Now his adorable form has become a canvas for a host of artists and Star Wars luminaries as part of a charity driveā€”and you could own one, provided your pockets are deep enough.

The BB-8 Great Auction, whose offerings are currently on display at White Rainbow Gallery in London, features a series of BB-8 replicas redesigned and repainted by famous British artists, as well as by Star Wars cast members, all around the theme of either Star Wars or quintessential Britishness.

The replicas are also currently up for auction, with the money raised by the little droids going to the Great Ormond Street Childrenā€™s Hospital Charity in London. Itā€™s not only a great cause, but a chance to see some delightfully quirky art pieces; the BB-8 in the header image is by John Boyega, for example, depicting Finn from the Jakku attack in the opening of The Force Awakens. Then thereā€™s Daisy Ridleyā€™s Queenā€™s Guard:

Warwick Davisā€™ tribute to Queen Elizabeth II:


Simon Peggā€™s Paul McCartney BB-8:

Anthony Danielsā€™ all-gold number:


And even Mark Hamillā€™s tribute to Pinewood studios, where Episode VIII is currently filming:

You can see a full gallery of the BB-8s on display here, and bid on them if you want. Some of the pricier pieces are already going for over Ā£1,000 (or around $1,400), so be prepared to dig deep. And if youā€™re going to do it, do it quickly!


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