The Following Preview Has Been Rated D... For Disaster

Well it's a holiday weekend and in an effort to work less on this week's column I probably ended up doing more work... whatever. I hope you enjoy the end result.

I don't really understand why people feel the need to compare a small budgeted film about one man's personal struggle with isolation on a space station with a massive action film about giant robots fighting each other simply because they are both sort of in the same genre. But then again I also don't see how a film featuring a fairly big movie star, an academy award winning actor, and directed by the son of one of the biggest rock stars of all time can be considered "independent" just because they slowly release it only in theaters where the seats are at least 30 years old. In any case, the folks marketing "Moon" have caught on to the counter programing buzz and are rolling with it as you can see from this new ad.



Every so often I feel a film is just being marketed poorly. This is often laziness and misdirection on their part. Occasionally it is arrogance when they think there is more to their film than is actually there. So, in my own arrogance, I try to help them along. Last year I felt "Hulk" needed some help. Today my mission is one that blends swimmingly with my own love of Disaster. Please enjoy this special holiday treat that I made just for you. Click on the youtube for a bigger version.

UPDATED: Visit this link to see it in true HD with film scratches and all its "vintage" glory.

This is Garrison Dean, thanking Dr. Emilio Lizardo for the inspiration for this video.


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