The Folks Behind the Sword & Laser Podcast Are Publishing Science Fiction Books Now!

Sword & Laser is a great podcast about science fiction and fantasy from Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt—and now, it’s also a line of science fiction and fantasy books!


They’ve just announced their first book, The Life Engineered by J.F. Dubeau, which takes place in the far future, after the human race has been extinguished. Our robot descendants inherit the galaxy and have to figure out how to honor our legacy. Watch a book trailer above, and pre-order the book here!

Also, Sword & Laser is releasing two more books soon afterwards—and they’re already having a contest to find the next few books after that.


Contact the author at and follow her on Twitter and Tumblr.

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Michael Crider

I see that Veronica is monitoring the comments, so I’ll address her and Tom directly: hi folks, big fan from way back in the Buzz Out Loud days.

I self-published my first novel through Amazon Kindle earlier this week. It’s called Good Intentions: A Superhero Villain story, and it’s absolutely amazing*.

However, I still don’t have a print publisher, and I haven’t signed up for the Kindle Unlimited program (and thereby limited my other publishing rights). Does Inkshares accept completed works if they’re been self-published elsewhere? (Your FAQ briefly addresses this, but Inkshares’ own FAQ does not.)

Thanks. Tom, if you’re reading this, please make more It’s A Thing episodes with Molly. I see things, all kinds of things all the time, and I don’t know if they’re Things or not.

*Well, my dad says it is anyway.