Anyone who delights in the world of grindhouse flicks will love this tale of a bunch of cult movie nerds who find the most obscure movie ever. Also, did I mention the bisexual love and demons?

The Flowers of Fantastico is triumphantly weird new web series about a cult movie that turns out to be some kind of holy grail for creatures of the demon world.


Tara finds The Flowers of Fantastico after ransacking a vending machine — the videocassette is jammed in the back, behind the candy. It has everything she ever wanted in a cult movie, including hippie orgies, lectures about communism, a scene featuring a "vagina explosion," and an enigmatic appearance by a famous actress who seems too young to have been in his strange old video. Plus, there is some kind of laser-eyed demon of the night who will stop at nothing in her quest to find the videocassette.

Right now, you can only watch episodes 1-6, but episodes 7-18 will come out at the end of this year. Writer Rachel Kerry based The Flowers of Fantastico on her play, which ran at the New York Fringe Festival in 2011.


She told io9 that a lot is going to happen during the midseason break:

We are definitely planning to do a Kickstarter! It will most likely happen over the summer. My producer (Mack Elder) and I also want to raise money to make action figures and t-shirts. My biggest dream for this project is to put out t-shirts that say, "Vagina EXPLOSION!"

The series is great fun. There's something satisfyingly meta about watching these characters who love cult flicks find themselves right in the middle of a classic cult plot. Complete with lusty ladies, boy toys, and demons from beyond space. Kerry said, "I think cult movies are magical, so it was really fun to imagine a cult film that was literally magical."


Watch the first half-season of the series on Brain Melt Consortium's YouTube Channel


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