The Flash's Greatest Mystery Is Finally Solved In This Deleted Scene

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Now that we know the truth about Harrison Wells, the biggest mystery of the hit CW show has been how the superpowered villains the Flash has captured and imprisoned in STAR Labs survive. Thanks to this clip from last week’s episode “Grodd Lives,” we finally have the answer.


And the answer is... take-out.

Apparently, the silver lining to being illegally detained in a particle accelerator-turned-superhuman-prison is that you get to order whatever you want for your meals. Big Belly Burger is a lot more delicious than due process, amIrite?


While I’m glad to see the show finally address this weirdness, I feel like Caitlin wheeling in meals three times a day to all the evil metahumans they’ve captured over the first season isn’t much of an answer either. What if another villain kidnaps Caitlin? Who feeds them then? What if everybody’s captured, or busy fighting a new supervillain? Do the prisoners just not eat? And we still don’t know how the heck they go to the bathroom.

You get an E for Effort, Flash, but I’m going to need more details, please.

[Via Geeks of Doom]

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I can’t get past the fact they are keeping people in prison forever without due process. This is Lex-Luthor-Evil.