The Flash Season 6 Trailer Introduces Sendhil Ramamurthy's Villainous Bloodwork

Sendhil Ramamurthy as bloodwork.
Sendhil Ramamurthy as bloodwork.
Image: The CW

Barry Allen’s fought all manner of frighteningly imaginative villains on the CW’s The Flash (and more than enough fellow speedsters, thank you very much), but in the first trailer for the series’ sixth season, the fastest man alive’s facing off against the sort of horrific foe you wouldn’t expect to pop up on a show that doesn’t often dabble in gore.

In DC’s comics, Ramsey Rosso is a hemophiliac who, gains a number of blood-based metahuman powers as a result of dangerous experiments. In the CW’s reimagining him, Rosso’s a doctor with a grand plan to rid the world of cancerous presences—not just cancer itself, but people he sees as a sickening drain on the world.

The implication from Rosso’s voiceover throughout the trailer is that at one point, he truly might have been committed to the idea of trying to save humanity through medicine, but after watching heroes like Team Flash save the world through more superheroic means, Rosso’s come to see superheroes as yet another illness plaguing the world who are getting in the way of his important work. Buckle up, Barry—you’re in for a bloody bad time.


The Flash returns to The CW Tuesday, October 8.

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The Flash just needs to drop the idea of a season-long Big Bad. It doesn’t really work for him IMO, and every season ends up hitting really similar beats.