The Flash Movie Will Be Directed by the Guy Who Wrote Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

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This is strange news. It’s not bad, necessarily, that Warner Bros. has decided to let Pride & Prejudice & Zombies book author and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter novelist and screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith to make his directorial debut with The Flash movie... but it does seem strange.


As part of WB’s DC Cinematic Universe, The Flash will be a major investment for the studio, and a movie that stands to make—or lose—millions of dollars. That’s not normally something you hand off to someone whose directorial experience is basically limited to a little-known MTV TV series. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, Grahame-Smith is in final talks to direct the 2018 movie, following Ezra Miller’s debut as the Flash in next year’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

WB is apparently a big Grahame-Smith fan at the moment; he’s writing the Lego Batman movie for the studio, as well as the long-in-development Beetlejuice and Gremlins sequels, and he’s producing even more films. We’ll just have to wait and see this falls under his many skills. And hey, if not, season two of the excellent Flash TV series premieres tomorrow anyways.


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Angrier Geek

I cannot tell a lie: I enjoyed Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for the batshit insanity it was. Yes, it was tasteless in so many areas from the death of Lincoln’s son to Harriet Tubman showing up to help fight vampires, but I never stopped laughing. That had to be the intent, right?