The Flash Finds Director, Speeds Towards Production?

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If rumors are to be believed, Superman isn't the only DC superhero whose movie plans are on the fast track: The Flash movie may have found its director, and it's a name that may sound familiar to Green Lantern fans.


According to IESB, Greg Berlanti will be the director of DC Entertainment's The Flash. Berlanti isn't a newcomer to DC movies, having co-written Green Lantern with former FlashForward showrunner (and upcoming Action Comics writer) Marc Guggenheim. Does this move mean that another name has joined Warner's recurring DC movie braintrust, alongside David Goyer and Christopher Nolan?

The Director of The Flash Is... [IESB]

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Because his power is to be faster than the eye can see, how is this supposed to be a film? I mean, in comic books, action is frozen in a moment ... but unless the whole flick is in Matrix-esque freeze-frame [shudder], I think the Flash is not possible as a, you know, MOVIE. 'Cause he MOVES too FAST.

But hey, what do I know?