It’s been the biggest mystery of the season: Who has Zoom trapped in a glass cage, with his face locked behind an iron mask? (Well, probably iron. It could be another metal, I suppose.) Last night’s finale, “The Race of His Life,” finally provided the answer.

It’s Jay Garrick. The actual Jay Garrick.

I think most of us saw this coming, but that didn’t mean it was an iota less awesome to see this:


John Wesley Shipp, the original TV Flash, dressed as the original, golden Age,DC Comics Flash?! That’s just perfect. Of course, since this Jay revealed he’s from Earth-3 (Zoom stole his name and uniform when he decided to masquerade as a hero on Earth-2), I guess we can safely say that the DCW multiverse’s Earth-3 isn’t the evil universe, where all Earth-1's heroes are bad guys who have joined together as the Crime Syndicate. That’s probably fine.

In other Flash finale news, is there a dumber superhero than TV Barry Allen? After a season of terrible decisions, he ends the finale by running back in time to save his mom, which has literally rewritten not just all the episode of The Flash we’ve seen so far, but basically the last 20 years. There’s no telling what the hell the new status quo will be when season three starts, but seeing as the Flash changed time out in an act of selifishness—an understandable selfishness, but still—it probably won’t be good.

On the other hand, it seemed like both Tom Cavanaugh’s Harrison Wells and John Wesley Shipp were saying sayonara to the series last night, so if Barry’s little stunt means we’re somehow getting to keep one or both of them on the show, I’m 100% okay with this.