The first video footage of Star Wars: Rebels is playing with fire

Two promos for Disney XD's new Star Wars cartoon Rebels have finally been released, giving up us our first look at the show in action! At a glance it looks like Clone Wars, except we don't recognize any of the characters. Also, the promos' narrator seems to be a bit of a pyromaniac.

He keeps talking about sparks and igniting while newly revealed character Ezra scampers around his sleepy, wheat-covered planet, until he witnesses a fight between a Rebel ship and some TIE Fighters above. It's reminiscent of one of the deleted scenes from the first Star Wars movie, which featured Luke staring up at the movie's opening space battle through his space binoculars. Ezra sounds suspiciously spunky here, but as long as he doesn't whine about picking up power converters in the first episode, he'll be doing better than Luke.


Also, that Rebel Alliance/Phoenix logo is pretty sweet. I am very much looking forward to spending my money to purchase merchandise with that symbol on it.

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With you on the Alliance/Phoenix logo. Was it always supposed to represent a phoenix or is that just Star Wars: Rebel's fire theme accenting the symbol?