The First US Trailer For Shin Godzilla Is One Big Throwback

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The glorious music. The Toho Scope branding. Funimation’s first “Western” trailer for Shin Godzilla really wants to lean into the big G’s classic Japanese filmography.


I say “Western,” because although this is the first trailer for Shin Godzilla’s American theatrical release, it’s not like there’s any dialogue subtitled or anything. It’s the same footage we’ve seen in the Japanese trailers, but with a much more nostalgia-driven sense of bombast in comparison. Even the film’s title is still Japanese, after Toho scrapped plans to re-title it as Godzilla: Resurgence for the West. It’s just the interstitials that are in English. It’s still a great trailer though, thanks to the music.

Although our friends at Kotaku found the movie a bit too talky for its own good, it’s clear with the liberal use of Godzilla’s trademark shriek and the classic soundtrack Funimation want this to look like a slightly more exciting film than it actually is. But for all the talk, Shin Godzilla at least knows how to look real good in a trailer.

Shin Godzilla stomps into American theaters October 11th.

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I was really hoping this would be the trailer.