The First Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 10 Has Big Michonne Moments and a Trip to the Beach

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The 10th season of The Walking Dead kicks off on October 6 and, just like previous years, the team behind the show dropped their first trailer inside Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con.

Season 10 very much looks like a new show, with new characters, old characters, new looks for old characters, at least one boat, and some very big surprises. Check it out.

What is up with Michonne and Ezekiel? Why does she have Negan’s bat? What’s going on on the beach? What does a Whisper War look like? There’s a lot going on and to be curious and excited about.


The Walking Dead season 10 returns October 6 on AMC.

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Am I so jaded that I expected someone to jump out and kill someone during the cute friendship bracelet moment?

Also, unpopular opinion, Alpha is the scariest villian/anti-hero they’ve had on the screen since the beginning.