Well, that’s creepy.
Well, that’s creepy.
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One of the most interesting film documentarians around is turning his watchful eye to an all-encompassing exploration of how one of sci-horror’s most iconic movies got made. And if that thought doesn’t send a chill down your spine, well...allow the trailer for it to do so.

Alexandre O. Philippe is perhaps best known for his incredibly specific examination of Psycho’s infamous shower scene for the documentary 78/52, but he’s now taking that hyper-specific lens of film history and applying it to Ridley Scott’s Alien at large, examining the process behind the groundbreaking movie.

Memory: The Origins of Alien won’t cover a specific moment á la 78/52, but rather the entire production of the 1979 movie, picking apart production design, thematic elements, and Scott’s process for bringing the claustrophobic corridors of the Nostromo alive. If the above trailer, revealed by Birth Movies Death ahead of the film’s upcoming debut at Fantastic Fest 2019, is anything to go by, the tone and aesthetic of the documentary is going to be just as evocatively chilling as Alien itself. Which is kind of perfect for a loving deep dive into Alien, really.


If you’re not attending Fantastic Fest, Memory: The Origins of Alien will screen in select theaters and be available on demand starting October 4.

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