The First Trailer for the DC/CW's Crisis on Earth-X Shows Justice League How It's Done

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Earlier today, we got a glorious first look at the ginormous cast (and evil villains) of the CW’s next huge DC crossover event, Crisis on Earth-X. Now, we’ve got footage, and it looks like the wonderful, Nazi-punching superhero-fest we’ve all been waiting for.

Seriously, this trailer has it all. Wedding drama. Indiana Jones jokes. Stirring speeches about never surrendering. Wentworth Miller chewing his way through entire reserves of Vancouver’s finest scenery in a single line. Jokes about crab legs. Oh, and of course, an invasion of the Earth by Nazis from an alternate reality lead by evil duplicates of our most beloved heroes. There’s that, too.


God, it looks like so much fun, and, despite being stuck with a CW budget, it somehow feels a bit more epic than the Justice League movie—maybe it’s because there are so many heroes, many its because we’ve already spent so much time with them, or maybe its because the triumvirate of Evil Kara, Barry, and Ollie make for a fundamentally more interesting enemy than Steppenwolf? Not that Justice League was godawful or anything, but this two-and-a-half-minute trailer is just... exciting.

In fact, this almost makes the years of drama and build up to Barry and Iris’ wedding worth it, which is plenty impressive in its own right. Crisis on Earth-X begins Monday, November 27.

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