The First Trailer for Syfy's Vagrant Queen Promises a Sassy Space Opera Adventure

Illustration for article titled The First Trailer for Syfys iVagrant Queen /iPromises a Sassy Space Opera Adventure
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A queen on the run. A deadbeat. A mechanic. And a whole galaxy looking to shoot ‘em, or hunt ‘em down, or toss ‘em out the airlock. Sounds like fun.


Based on the comic by Magdalene Visaggio and Jason Smith, Syfy’s Vagrant Queen is the story of Elida (Adriyan Rae), a dethroned queen on the run as revolutionaries look to finish the job and the dangerous galaxy looks to be, well, extremely dangerous for queens and non-queens alike. Joining her is Isaac (Tim Rozon), an old friend and total asshole, and Amae (Alex McGregor), a mechanic. When news about Elida’s long-lost mother disrupts her life, the trio finds themselves staging an unlikely and entirely perilous mission back into Elida’s old kingdom.

All told, this looks pretty badass. The main cast has clear chemistry, the jokes seem to land half the time, which is a pretty good ratio for quippy writing, and this vision of the galaxy bursts with color and sound. I’m looking forward to this.


Vagrant Queen premieres on Syfy on March 27th.

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This looks like guilty pleasure fun.

I am looking forward to watching this and getting really invested before SyFy cancels it to the angst of millions of fan viewers.