The First Trailer For Syfy's 12 Monkeys Show Is Its Own Paradox

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It doesn't debut until next January, but the first trailer for Syfy's TV series adaptation of Terry Gilliam's scifi movie 12 Monkeys is here, showing how they'll expand it — man in future sent back in time to destroy virus apocalypse — into a full show. But why does it seem so... off?


Clearly, they're sticking pretty close to the movie's plot, and certainly the aesthetic. But it feels... well, like a Syfy TV adaptation of a Terry Gilliam film. Is it the actors? The heavier focus on time travel and paradox? The way Syfy seems to have connected all the same characters in the "past" and the future? I personally think it's because Cole (played by the X-Men movies' Pyro, Aaron Stanford) no longer lives in a Gilliam-esque dystopia. Sure, the future sucks, but he seems to be a volunteer, he has Kirk Acevedo as a friend, the doctor who sends him back is the one he falls for in the "past"... it's way more pleasant than the nightmare Bruce Willis was living in in the movie.

Of course, I'm pretty sure this is all footage from the 90-minute pilot, which means the real question is what Syfy will be doing with the rest of the series. Color me cautiously intrigued.

[Via Screenrant]


This appears to have better production quality than I would have expected from SyFy.

They have been suprising me lately. Is it possible that they have turned a corner and are on their way to developing better shows?