The First Trailer for Season Two of Into The Badlands Promises More Bloody Brutal Combat

Into The Badlands brought extremely well-done martial arts mayhem when it hit TV screens in 2015. The AMC series comes back in March and it looks like everything’s getting ramped up in a big way.

The trailer for season two of Into The Badlands teases characters growing into new roles and alliances, some of which aren’t of their own volition. The fights and sets all look like they’re going to be even more elaborate, which is good news for folks who liked the first season’s particular blend of action and post-apocalyptic drama.

Video games. Comic books. Blackness.

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Into the Badlands was such a bonkers, fun surprise. I am so stoked for its return. Now, if they’d get more than a 6 episode season or have less than a year and a half between seasons.

Oh, and NICK FROST!!!!!!