The First Trailer for Marvel's Runaways Is All About Very Evil Parents and Their Very Upset Kids

Image: Hulu
Image: Hulu

The thing that brings Marvel’s Runaways together isn’t that they’re all kids with superpowers that make them social outcasts. Instead, each of their parents is part of a doomsday cult. If your actual family is trying to bring about the apocalypse, you’d probably cling to your friends, too.

The first trailer for the upcoming Hulu series is light on details, but fans of the original comic series will see plenty of shots suggesting that the show’s going to stick pretty closely to the original comics created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona:

The titular kids’ parents bring them all to a luxurious house and then promptly abandon their children in a huge living room while the adults slip away to attend to some strange, secretive grown-folk business. Naturally, the curious Runaways begin to search through the house to find out what their moms and dads are up to—only to stumble upon them performing some sort of ritual that involves a human sacrifice.


From there, the trailer jumps around but we get a chance to see Karolina manifesting her Majesdanian powers for the first time, Molly’s eyes glowing as she charges up her super strength, and Nico coming across an ancient book of spells.

We only get the slightest glimpse of Old Lace, the team’s resident velociraptor deinonychus and newest contender for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s coolest animal superhero (sorry, Lockjaw). We’ll get to see Old Lace and company in action when Runaways premieres on Hulu November 21.

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titanmatrix Of

1) This Pg13/TV14 rating they got going that let’s the drop the word shit gives me hope this is going to be closer to Netflix than Agents.

2) This seems to be darker and more mature than the original comic, if ever so slightly because live action.

3) I can not wait. I can’t believe that I get another Marvel Knights season this year (I see all of the netflix shows as just one long show that is now entering it’s 7th season) and Runaways. I know everything sucks for DC fans, but damn I feel like I’m being spoiled by Marvel TV.