The First Trailer For Jessica Jones' Second Season Features an Epic Spider-Man Diss

Image: Netflix

Netflix’s Marvel shows have a well-documented history not, well, not doing a very good job of trying to connect to the larger MCU. In the first trailer for Jessica Jones’ second season though, everyone’s favorite alcoholic detective calls out Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben in the best possible way.

While none of us should be holding our breaths any of the Defenders to pop up in a big screen Marvel film any time soon, it’s good to see that during her next solo mission, Jessica’s at the very least channeling what we’re all feeling. She doesn’t give two shits about your “great power, great responsibility” speech and is all about punching the hell out of the scumbags that are in her way.

The trailer’s quick and dirty but it does reveal quite a bit of info about this upcoming season. Jessica’s getting back to her private eye roots and digging into the mysteries of her past—specifically, her connection to Roxxon and just what the organization did to give her her abilities.


The new season doesn’t drop until March 8, but in the mean time, feast your eyes on all the trailer-y goodness.

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