The First Trailer for Horror Comedy The Babysitter Contains Hot Bods and Ritual Sacrifice

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix
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Director McG has a wide and varied resume (Charlie’s Angels, Terminator Salvation, The O.C.) but he hasn’t ventured too deeply into horror. And though The Babysitter is technically a horror movie, it looks like it’ll really be a McG movie at heart, with a tongue-in-cheek concept and a stupidly attractive cast. But also... Satan!


On paper, this movie—about a kid whose hot high-school caretaker (and her equally hot friends) is actually in league with the Dark Lord—sounds pretty dumb. But honestly, the trailer makes it look decently funny. (Why is Robbie Amell shirtless, anyway?)

The Babysitter hits Netflix on October 13.


(Why is Robbie Amell shirtless, anyway?)

He’s got an awful shirt allergy, the poor guy. He can only wear them about an hour, maybe two at most each day before he need to take it off. 

I hope it’s never cured.