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The First Trailer For HBO's Sesame Street Is 60 Seconds of Pure Joy

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Sesame Street is moving to HBO for the next few seasons starting in January and the first trailer is now out. And it’s basically delightful.


All your favorite characters are back, plus plenty of pop culture references, celebrity cameos (Jon Hamm, anyone?), and even some classic footage. It seems like HBO is doing justice to one of the most iconic and important TV series ever broadcast.

The new season of Sesame Street will start airing on January 16 and is slated for a five season run. HBO’s deal gives the network exclusive rights to air the show for nine months before it shows up on PBS — the non-profit channel that’s been running Sesame Street since its 1969 debut.



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I can only presume by episode four, Big Bird will have engaged in a threesome with Bert and Ernie before brutally knifing Elmo to death in an argument over who stole Cookie Monster’s hash cookies.