Scenes from Jacob’s Ladder.
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Though it’s been a while since we’d heard anything about David Rosenthal’s remake of Jacob’s Ladder, the film’s production has been chugging along quietly for some time now, and it’s all been building up to a surprisingly thrilling trailer that’s just dropped.


Michael Ealy stars as Jacob, an Afghanistan war veteran who’s had a complicated lifelong relationship with his brother Isaac (Jesse Williams.) After Jacob witnesses Isaac’s death in the field, he returns home to begin trying to piece together his life and move on. But when Isaac suddenly reappears without explanation, Jacob begins to suspect that something might not be quite right about his resurrected brother—or, perhaps, about his own state of mind, as he’s plagued by increasingly terrifying visions of demons and specters.

Jacob’s Ladder also stars Black Mirror and Sleepy Hollow’s Nicole Beharie and will be available for DISH subscribers to stream this month before the film has a wider theatrical release on August 23.


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