The First Trailer for Constantine Looks AMAZING

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NBC just unveiled the first official trailer for Constantine, and holy crap is it fantastic.

Seriously, though. Not only does Matt Ryan look just like John Constantine, his delivery – not to mention the rest of the action – is pretty on point. Can't wait to see what producer David S. Goyer & crew have in store for us this fall.


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I'm cautiously optimistic about this. On one hand, I have concerns: Michael-from-Lost as a guardian angel seems like the weakest element so far. They also seem to be combining con-man magician John of the comics with exorcist John of the Keanu movie (great film on its own, just terrible Hellblazer adaptation). And was that Chas getting killed in the trailer?! You cast Reggie Ledoux as Chas, you keep him around!

That said, other bits look great. This seems a bit Judeo-Christian centric, but since we know Papa Midnite will be the big bad, and there's a whole season to go, they can introduce many other magical systems and mythologies after the pilot. The show seems delightfully creepy (black blood seeping out of a face is creepy in my book). And Matt Ryan seems perfect as John, he really does. And that was a painting of Johnny Rotten! If this show goes full punk and has Mucous Membrane mentioned, I will be so excited.