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The First Trailer for Aquaman Is as Epic as It Is Moist

All out fish-war descends upon Atlantis in the Aquaman trailer.
Gif: Aquaman (Warner Bros.)
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And it’s very moist.

If there was any question that Furious 7 director James Wan was going to make something truly massive and epic with Aquaman, those doubts can be put to bed...the seabed.


Inside Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday, Wan presented the first trailer from the highly anticipated DC movie and brought the house down. Check it out for yourself:

Jason Momoa stars as the titular hero in the film, alongside Amber Heard as the hero Mera, Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master, along with Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, Yahya Abdul-Mateen, and others. It opens December 21.

Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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