Phil Coulson is dead. Long live Phil Coulson?
Image: ABC
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Technically, this is also our first look at a post-Avengers: Endgame Marvel Cinematic Universe, but don’t expect to learn anything about that here. Instead, learn this: The Agents of SHIELD are having a hard time moving on from the loss of one of their own. But is he really gone?

ABC has dropped the first cryptic look at what’s in store for SHIELD’s highly anticipated sixth season, after the explosive fifth season finale last year danced around the events of Avengers: Infinity War to give us a long goodbye to Phil Coulson, who looked off from the beaches of actual Tahiti with Melinda May by his side, waiting to die.

In Coulson’s absence, SHIELD’s work carries on, even if everyone’s frankly miserable about it. Mack’s dealing with the pressures of command, May’s still thinking about the man she loved, and Simmons is trying to find a way to get Fitz back from being stuck in deep space. But hey, at least Daisy’s having fun kicking some ass!


Thanos-based snappenings or otherwise, there’s still threats to fight (including some pretty gnarly-looking powers May and Yo-Yo go up against), and one big mystery: Just what is up with that shot of Coulson at the end, telling us he’s never heard of SHIELD? Post-Endgame reset tomfoolery? A life model decoy? Something else?

We’ll have to wait until this summer to find out, though you can check out a younger version of Coulson in Captain Marvel on March 8.

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