ABC Family has released a sneak peek at Shadowhunters, the TV adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments, which is taking the place of the film series that was already in development.

Even from just this sneak peek, you can see that Shadowhunters is starting with City of Bones, ignoring the movie adaptation which came out in 2013. Regardless, the elements are there: we’ve got our Shadowhunters doing some less-subtle-than-they-think stalking of a mark and our designated protagonist, Clary, seeing them when no one else can.


It’s kind of charming how absurd this looks and how perfectly it fits into ABC Family. It’s going to premiere on January 12, right after Pretty Little Liars, which is the only way this works. In fact, there’s a chance people may not realize the shows are unconnected, the look is so similar.

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