The First Teaser for Syfy's New Season of Channel Zero Looks Pleasingly Nightmarish

Image: Syfy

Syfy dipped into surreal horror last fall with Channel Zero: Candle Cove, based on a Creepypasta story about a children’s TV program that made people do very bad things. A new story informs the anthology show’s second season, No-End House, and it looks quite different—albeit equally as disturbing.

While Candle Cove was drawn from a story that was styled like a message board, leaving a lot of room to fill in the eerie blanks, No-End House has a more fleshed-out tale as its inspiration. Still, its tale of a “haunted house” that invades your mind and completely twists reality offers a lot of room for creative interpretation—and based on the trailer’s freaky imagery, that’s clearly what we’re going to get.


Channel Zero: No-End House premieres September 20 on Syfy.

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