Image: MGM

We already had a very vague teaser, but here‚Äôs our first real look at the next chapter in the Stargate franchise‚ÄĒone that looks to the franchise‚Äôs past with an exploration of humanity‚Äôs first discovery of the alien portals.

Set amid the backdrop of World War II, Origins‚ÄĒa 10-part, 100-minute web series‚ÄĒfollows a young Catherine (Ellie Gall) and her father as they discover an artifact unlike anything known to man: The uncovering of the very first Stargate. But when tragedy strikes, Catherine finds herself swept up in an adventure to keep the technology‚Äôs secrets out of some very dangerous hands.

It‚Äôs short‚ÄĒunderstandable given the series itself is pretty tight‚ÄĒbut it gives you a clear indication that this isn‚Äôt your typical Stargate fare. If anything, it looks a little more like Indiana Jones, but there just happens to be a whacking great alien portal at the center of it all. Just don‚Äôt think about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and you‚Äôll be fine.


Stargate: Origins, which will air in 10-minute chunks exclusively through MGM’s Stargate Command streaming service, debuts February 15.