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The First Tease for A Quiet Place 2 Ushers in a Sinister Fall

Oh no, you don’t get to take the rustling of autumnal leaves from me, Quiet Place: Part II.
Oh no, you don’t get to take the rustling of autumnal leaves from me, Quiet Place: Part II.
Image: Paramount
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You don’t really think about it, even in the wake of A Quiet Place, but in a world where making even the tiniest bit of sound can have you set upon by horrifying monsters, navigating falling leaves in autumn is suddenly the scariest thing in the world.


We just got our first incredibly fleeting glimpse at the sequel to A Quiet Place, one of the hottest horror movies of the last few years. Directed by the returning John Krasinski—who also co-wrote the sequel, as he did the original—the follow up carries on with what remains of the Abbott family in the wake of the first film’s brutal climax.


Starring Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott, the sequel sees her forced to fend for her young family (Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe) on her own while trying to escape their monstrous, sound-detecting pursuers.

We don’t see those creepy creatures in this tease of course. Instead, we just get the second scariest thing in A Quiet Place’s world: the mere threat of making even the tiniest bit of noise.

We’ll learn more on New Year’s Day, ahead of A Quiet Place: Part II’s release in March 2020.


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