The first Star Wars art you ever fell in love with

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Yesterday, we celebrated the vivid, multi-faceted concept art that went into creating the Star Wars saga. But now the L.A. Times has posted the sharp, stunning first draft of the very first Star Wars movie poster, by the Brothers Hildebrandt.

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I always found this poster to betray the (at the time) utilitarian modern design of the star wars movies... the hildebrandts seemed so old-fashioned buck rogers to me. Yes, I know Star Wars owes a huge debt to that style, but it did so in its spirit, not its aesthetics.

This actually might fit better with the prequel's look.

The design I fell in love with was this, which was on an edition of the novelization I got from a second hand bookstore back in around 94, when I was 11 years old, and which truly fueled my Star Wars addiction.

My version was printed 1978, and I think the yellow star on it said "now a hit major motion picture" instead of this cover's "Over 5 million now in print".