Michael gazes into the doorway to Earth.
Michael gazes into the doorway to Earth.
Image: NBC

A Pizza Hut. And a Taco Bell, you say?

The Good Place returns to both television and the forefront of our hearts in a little over two weeks, but if you’re just itching to see where it picks up from last season’s wild cliffhanger...well, you’re gonna have to wait a little longer. But in the meantime, NBC has “leaked” the opening scene of the hour-long season premiere to tide you over, which includes both a convenient recap of the aforementioned cliffhanger and a delightful bit with Ted Danson’s demon-with-a-sort-of-heart-of-gold Michael encountering the doorway between the afterlife and Earth.

While getting to see the fun getups Michael wears to save Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason from their original deaths, the real highlight is Michael’s mindblown response to an almighty power greater than either his own, or even Judge Gen’s: the strength of Yum! Brands’ ability to mush two of its fast food restaurants into one divine body.


The Good Place returns September 27.

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