The First Riverdale Footage Is the CW-iest Thing I've Ever Seen

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We’ve finally got our first good glimpse at the CW’s take on the world of Archie Comics, and honestly, I should even have to tell you that this is from the CW. It’s got teen drama than you can shake a Riverdale High cheerleader’s pom-pom at—which might as well be a giant neon sign screaming “HEY WE’RE ON THE CW.” It looks great.


Debuted through Entertainment Weekly, the tiny promo does little to actually give us any story details about Riverdale, but it’s all about tone. And this is not the Archie of old, or even the excellent rebooted version of the classic comic.

What we do know about Riverdale is that it’s going to blend the teen drama of Archie and pals at Riverdale High with, naturally, a murder mystery surrounding the death of their classmate, Jason Blossom—and it’s apparently great at reveling in its teenage noir angst. While we might love the CW’s DC superhero output, the channel has always been about ridiculously attractive people having the dramas, so it’s nice to seem the return to their “roots” with this.

Riverdale is set to solemnly look over at you and complain about its life while slow alt-rock plays in the background January 26th.

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