The First Posters from Kick-Ass, the Latest Spot for Avatar, Smallville's Wonder Twins, and the Hobbit's Unexpected Source Material

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Avatar sees yet another TV spot, and Kick-Ass' superheroes get posters at last. The Hobbit script draws from material not in The Hobbit, and see the Wonder Twins activate on Smallville. Plus, Lost, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Fringe.


The latest TV spot shows one of Pandora's monsters taking down an AMP suit. [First Showing]


Star Trek:

Think we've seen the last of Christopher Pike? Maybe not. Bruce Greenwood says he's spoken to J.J. Abrams about Star Trek 2. And he says "J.J., one of the nicest guys on the planet, has indicated there will be a place in the project for me." At the same time, Greenwood cautions, "there are no guarantees." [Hill Country Times via TrekToday]


The movie about superheros in the real world gets a series of interlocking character posters. More at the link. [IGN]


[gallery 5398349]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

An Italian magazine claimed that Daniel Radcliffe would channel his Equus performance and bare all for the penultimate film. Alas, the rumored "sensual" scene seems to be just that, a rumor. Radcliffe's representative says it's an utter fabrication. [Digital Spy]


The Hobbit

According to Ian McKellen, the movie draws not only from the novel The Hobbit, but also from other works by Tolkien. [MTV Movies Blog]



A Lostie took some fresh picture of Dharmaville looking less than fresh. The houses were intentionally dirtied and the playground's swingset haf been nearly demolished. But the rec room had a fresh coat of paint. [Dark UFO]


And someone snagged a photo of Ben Linus dressed as a teacher for the seventh episode "Dr. Linus." [Dark UFO]


Olivia will meet the Observer in the episode "August." Anna Torv calls it "a really, really, beautiful, beautiful episode." William Bell and Walter Bishop will have a confrontation. John Noble, who plays Walter, says that he just filmed "a lovely scene" and that something very shocking will be revealed. And there's also the sense that of a breach, and that breaking the laws of nature comes with repercussions. The cast also had some things to say about the season that are more speculative than spoiler. Joshua Jackson believes that we'll see the alternate Walter and that Peter will discover he's from "over there" (although he doesn't know if Peter will return to the Fringe team or if he'll want to burn the whole universe down). Noble believes that when we meet the alternate Walter, he'll be thoroughly pissed off. And Torv hopes we'll see an alternate Olivia. [SCI FI Wire]



Anna gets her tourist visa — and a convenient photo op — in November 17th's episode "A Bright New Day." [VisitorSite]


Stargate Universe

Here's the official description for tonight's episode:

With the situation onboard the Destiny dire, General O'Neill and Home World Command orders Col. Young to execute a high risk plan concocted by the I.O.A. scientists which, in theory, could return the crew to earth. Col. Young tries to buy more time so that he can consult those on the ship whose lives are at stake. While using the communication stones, Camile Wray is approached by I.O.A. representative Dale Strom who suggests that she steer opinion on the ship in favor of the plan.

Eli and Chloe are allowed to use the communication stones to visit Earth and their loved ones for what may be the last time. Their homecoming is not what they expected and the two try to drink away their worries at a club (featuring Janelle Monáe), but are unable to ignore the looming fate of the Destiny that they have left behind.




The Wonder Twins make their purple debut in stills from next week's episode, "Idol." [Operation Save Clark Kent]



Sylar and Matt are getting in trouble in Monday's episode, "Shadowboxing." [The ODI]


Adrian Pasdar is alive for now, and we see him in the photos for "Brother's Keeper." [Spoiler TV]

On Carson Daly, Masi Oka said that the fourth season is his second favorite season (after Season One), saying it tells smaller, more character-oriented stories. [Multipleverses]



In the show's post-apocalyptic episode, Helen Magnus wakes up on the floor of the Sanctuary with no memory of what happened. Her office is riddled with bullet holes and her lab appears to have been the site of a horrific battle. With no one else around, she foes to the roof to see that the entire city of New York has been decimated, filled with craters. She'll eventually encounter two heavily armed men, one of whom fires a stun gun at Magnus. She wakes in an abandoned warehouse, where the men hose her down until her skin is raw. She'll feel exhausted and defeated when a third man enters the room. The man will be older and scarred, but she'll recognize him as Will Zimmerman. But just as she starts to ask him questions, he cuts her off and accuses her of being an imposter. He explains that Helen Magnus died three years earlier. [Pop Culture Zoo]


Additional reporting by Josh Snyder and Charlie Jane Anders.

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Syafiqjabar of Mars

Of all characters to appear in Smallville, I never expect the Twins.

Hopefully, this will be like in the modern comics, where the girl transforms into things like griffins and dragons while the boy becomes a tsunami or an ice golem, and not the eagle-and-bucket combo. #avatar